Blackball Tables; producing quality pool and dining pool tables for the pool player. Blackball tables is the brainchild of Ross McInnes , the ultimate 8 ball pool legend for over 30 years. Ross has followed the path of pool throughout his career and decided that it was time to be part of the creation of a quality table with the finishes that the players want and need.

The Company is run by Michaela Tabb, former Professional Snooker Referee and the first ever Professional Female Referee - a name that is recognised and trusted and Blackball Tables is no different.

For over 20 years, since the Hazelgrove table left the market, I had been thinking of developing a pool table I could be proud to put my name to. In recent years I became so frustrated with the service and quality of the supplier I was using, I decided it was time to take action. My team chose to have the discussion with Paul Adams from Optima Pool, as we wanted our product to be the best version of my vision. Paul and his team at Optima have been involved in the manufacture of quality pool tables for over 30 years and they only use the finest quality materials. It was also important to us that the Blackball table was fully manufactured in the UK, not a cheap import from across the seas.


My main focus was to create a high quality table top with a superb playing surface at a competitive price for the everyday pool player.  I wanted the table top to be secured all the way around so the cushions provided a uniform reaction and bounce. This has been achieved with the addition of extra table clips to hold the cushions down, a mammoth twelve on each table.  We have also reduced pocketed ball bounce outs to a minimum. Add all of this with tighter pockets on the Blackball Elite table and you have one fabulous table, perfect for International and European standard pool. The decision was then made to make this quality product available to every standard of pool player by introducing the Club table to the range. All the benefits of the Elite with standard sized pockets.

The table top has been designed to perfection, but any table can look poor if the wrong cloth is put on it. Throughout my years of playing one cloth has stood out as the best of the best and that’s Hainsworth. Blackball Tables is delighted to confirm we have an agreement with A W Hainsworth and all our tables will have Hainsworth Match cloth fitted as standard.

Finally, and very importantly, my team have agreed to reinvest in our game. I have watched over the years as the 8 ball pool market received little or no investment from the manufacturers of anything related to the game. At Blackball Tables we are going to hold at least one annual competition with at least a £50k prize fund for our customers and it’s only open to amateurs.  Watch this space…”

Optima Pool are delighted to be involved in the project and Paul Adam, Managing Director had this to say; “Optima Pool are proud to be working with Ross McInnes such a respected and well know cue sports professional.  The new table has been developed for the players by a multiple World Champion which has resulted in the ultimate competition pool table.  Add to that the Hainsworth Match cloth and it’s a match made in heaven as the cloth is tightly woven and provides spectacular speed and cue ball control.

Here at Optima Pool we wish Blackball Tables all the success in the World and are excited to be a part of their journey.”



Developed in conjunction with pool legend and multiple World Champion Ross McInnes.


The Elite is designed with an International and European table specification, with tighter cut pockets favoured for International and World events.

02. CLUB

The Club table is a standard pocket size favoured by amateurs, clubs and pubs and the general domestic market.

Blackball Tables are 100% British built by skilled craftsmen at Optima Pool, the leading UK manufacturer of championship quality pool tables.

All our Blackball Table pool tables are fitted with Hainsworth Match tournament cloth as standard and come with a complimentary TAOM racking cloth.

The table top is uniquely locked down with twelve quick release cushion fittings, ensuring the ball response is uniform on all cushions on our freeplay tables and six on our coin mechanisms.

Table Specifications for both The Blackball Elite and Club pool tables

Domestic – free play with ball return system.
Mechanical – mechanically coin operated.
Multicoin – electronically coin operated with a free play button option.
Apex- LCD display, variable pricing, bonus features.

Interchangeable drawer units.
Secure cash storage unit.
Precision 19mm ground slate.

Aluminium Slate support system.
Metal chrome top frame corner.
Adjustable metal feet for ease of table levelling
Supplied with a set of Aramith red and yellow balls, a triangle & chalk.

7′ overall size 2140mm x 1220mm, playing surface 1820mm x 910mm
6′ overall size 1910mm x 1140mm, playing surface 1600mm x 820mm

Manufactured in 7 decors

Black | White | Walnut | Dark walnut | Winchester Oak | Silver Oak | Midnight Grey (Bespoke colours available as an option)

We can also offer you a wide range of quality pool table accessories.

Delivery only, or delivery and installation are options with prices from £115. (Mainland UK only.)

Blackball Tables Pool Table Diners

Our pool table diners offer an uncompromising standard of playing experience, whilst providing an elegant dining table which come in a choice of colours to suit even the most discerning of homes. Without doubt the best dining pool table on the market for the real pool player and unrivalled value for money.

All the diners come with our tournament specification cushions and Hainsworth Match tournament green cloth as standard – developed by the best of the best in the game there really is no compromise.

Edinburgh Dining Table

The Edinburgh pool dining table is available in walnut, dark walnut, light oak, black, white, silver oak and midnight grey finishes, with modern laminated tapered legs. Completed with a 2-piece hard top with dowel joints to hold in it securely in place.



· Available in 6' & 7' sizes.

· In Club or Elite cushion choices.

· Complete with 2-piece matching dining top.

· Internal ball return system, the balls return to one end of the table.

· Precision 19mm ground slate.

· Metal top frame corner.

· Aluminium trim on the ball return aperture.

· Adjustable timber feet for ease of table levelling.

· Quality Hainsworth green Match cloth.

· Other cloth colours available at an additional cost.

· A Complimentary TAOM racking cloth to protect the racking area.

· Supplied with 2 quality cues, a set of Aramith reds and yellow balls, a triangle and chalk. (Aramith spots and stripes and Pro Cup ball sets available as an upgrade.)

· Delivery and professional installation services available - mainland UK only.

· Made in the United Kingdom.


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