Blackball Tables Presents the Fibretec Communications £67k Challenge

Grand Hotel, Blackpool 27th – 29th January 2023

£10,000 to the winner

Blackball Tables are delighted to announce the 2023 Fibretec Communications £67k Challenge for amateurs.

128 players who have qualified from Blackball Table venues all over the World will travel to Blackpool to stake their claim on the £67,600 prize pot. All finalists will be on prize money for qualifying starting at £200 and increasing through the rounds culminating with the winner picking up the cheque for £10,000.

The Finals will be played on 20 brand new black Elite Blackball tables using Hainsworth Match cloth in green along with Aramith Pro Cup balls and Racker triangles.


The event will be a double elimination with the winner section a race to 10 and the loser section a race to 7, played down to the final 16 players in each section. The last 32 onwards will be a straight knockout until we establish our winner. The event will be streamed live on the internet by Scottish Cuesports Live Streaming.

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When Blackball Tables launched, we promised to give something back to the cue sport family. The key difference with this event from other current pool events, is there are no cue sport professionals past or present allowed to enter.

Only Blackball Table customers can purchase places at £500 per spot. A £200 non refundable first payment secures a place in the Grand Finals and each venue, individual or Association will run their own qualifier as they feel free and send the players name, details and entry fee balance to Blackball Tables Ltd.

For more information, or to purchase a place, please email or telephone 0131 370 9888.

Last 128 x £200Last 64 x £250Round 3 losers x £300Round 4 losers x £400

Knockout Stages

Last 32 x £500Last 16 x £1000Quarter-finalists x £1500Semi-finalists x £2500Runner Up x £5000Winner x £10,000

Total Prize Fund – £67,600

1.) Frames

The event format is double elimination with the winner side being race to 10 frames and the losers’ side being race to 7 frames.

2) Draw

The draw will be made in advance, and it will be emailed to all players before the event so that you know what time you are required to play. Certain matches may be held back due to distances involved at the organiser’s discretion.

3) Match start times

All matches are given a start time and they will not be called to a table before the allocated time. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that they are available when their match is called. Should a match be called, and a player not arrive he/she will be docked one frame for every ten minutes that he/she does not appear. Should a player not arrive after 30 minutes the match will be removed from the allocated table and the clock will continue. Upon the players arrival the match will be reallocated a table when available and the match will start from whatever score has been reached. If a player doesn’t arrive at all, after the time allowed, their opponent will be awarded the match. Such matches are classed as walkovers.

4) Slow Play

After 60 minutes of play if neither player has amassed 3 frames, the match will be reduced to a race to 8 in the winners’ side and a race to 6 in the losers’ side.

Any player taking longer than one minute between shots is liable to receive firstly, a warning from either the referee or a tournament official, followed by a foul being awarded to their opponent, with the ultimate penalty being loss of that frame. (These three steps can only happen per match.)

5) Rules

All matches are played to Blackball rules.

6) Dress-code

All players must wear a collared top, smart trousers and dark shoes or black trainers. (No jeans.)

7) Conduct

All players are always expected to play and act in a sportsmanlike manner during the event. It should be noted that all players are also responsible for their own spectator’s conduct as well. If necessary, a player will be warned and then penalised for any unsportsmanlike behaviour from friends or supporters. Ungentlemanly conduct or misbehaviour will be dealt with as the tournament official sees fit, including expulsion from the competition.

Any damage caused by a member, or a members’ guest, in the Hotel will be liable to be paid. Any member seen causing any damage or behaving in any way which could harm the reputation of Blackball Tables or Blackball pool will be automatically disqualified from the tournament and any other events that are run by Blackball Tables Ltd in the future.

8) Referee

It should be noted that there will NOT be referees for any matches except the Final and when a match result is dependent on the last frame. A senior referee will be present all weekend and it is the player’s responsibility to ask for the referee to be present for any shots that may prove to be indecisive or controversial. If the referee should be called to a table after a shot has been taken, following his fact finding any decision he makes will be final and cannot be referred to the TD.

Players must act in a sportsmanlike manner, and should it be highlighted that any player tries to abuse this arrangement then further action will result.

9) Accommodation

It is a requirement of the competition that the players stay in the Hotel on the Friday and Saturday night. (Blackball Tables is responsible for all hotel bookings, players who book direct with the hotel will not be eligible to play in the event.) The cost of accommodation is £60 B&B per person, based on two people sharing a twin or double, £95 B&B for single occupancy per night and family room information will follow. It is payable before the weekend.

10) Prize Money

All players prize money will be paid out by BACS to a players’ nominated account or person. Hotel costs will be deducted if necessary.

Any player not attending the event will forfeit any prize money.

Tournament Directors decisions are Final.