3 Piece Bundle – TAOM Chalk, Kamui Quick Dry Glove, TAOM Fusion Tip 10mm. RRP £52.40.

A superb value bundle for any Cuesports enthusiast, a perfect gift.

TAOM Chalk

A choice of;

TAOM Pyro, TAOM Soft, TAOM Green 2.0 and TAOM Pink.

The best all around chalk on the market for any cuesport. Tested and recommended by many professionals. A new technology for maximum grip. A clean touch on the ball. No residue. Enjoy kick free experience.

Price per single piece unboxed.

TAOM Fusion Tips

Fusion is an advanced layered pig skin tip produced by TAOM using unique manufacturing methods. The leather is hardened at the centre to provide maximum power transmission. Softer and elastic edges maintain the control and feel.

10mm or 14mm

Kamui Quick Dry Glove

It is always essential to eliminate external factors such as humidity and sweat on your hands to allow your fluid ability on the table.

The KAMUI GLOVE protects you from external factors and allows you the chance to focus even under immense pressure.

The KAMUI GLOVE allows  you the chance to focus on your game imagining your next shot. Experience the fluidity you are looking for in your game.

Available in sizes;

Medium Left

Medium Right

Large Left

Large Right

Extra Large Left

Extra Large Right