42″ Jonny 8 Ball Junior Cue And Case Set

Choose between Black, White, Purple and Pink cues and Black, Blue and Pink cases.

Our smallest, yet professional standard cue, made to a high quality for young budding cueists, complete with matching hard case.


A two-piece cue with quick release centre joint, suitable for both snooker and pool

10mm leather stick on tip with brass ferrule

Grade ‘A’ North American ash shaft

Jonny 8 Ball logo badge on the butt on the cue

Rubber butt protector – for added cue protection against knocks and bumps

42″ standard centre-jointed cue – butt and shaft each measure 21″.

Cue weights available range from 13oz to 15oz


Case is designed for 48″ cue – there will be space left over for chalks or accessories

Divider to keep shaft and butt separate and protected

Features 2 metal fastening clasps


Other sizes available.