Aramith Premier 2″ Spots and Stripes Pool Balls + 1 7/8″ Cue Ball

Aramith Premier Engraved 2 inch Pool Balls Spots and Stripes – Used by 80% of players worldwide!  Aramith Premier balls are the only type in the world made of pure phenolic resin so they last up to five times longer than other balls made from polyester or other polymers.

Thanks to their exceptional playing characteristics, the Aramith balls are used in virtually all tournaments worldwide. The extra hard vitrified phenolic surface of Aramith balls reduces drastically wear and burn spots on both balls and cloth, guaranteeing the lowest cost over time.

Aramith Premier Set Features:

  • With the classic “spots n stripes” look and tight cosmetic criteria, it is the perfect compromise between quality and price.
  • Made of Aramith Phenolic resin with far better resistance longevity than polyester.
  • Highest quality standards with 8 criteria: density, balance, diameter, roundness, colour, glossiness, hardness, weight.
  • Full set of 16 spots and stripes 2″ Pool Balls.
  • Suitable for both freeplay and coin mechanism tables.