Aramith Premier Red & Yellow 2″ Pool Balls + 1 7/8″ Cue Ball – Suitable For Pubs

These are the world’s most popular English pool balls and for very good reason – they perform brilliantly.


  • 2″ red and yellow balls with 1 7/8″ cue ball – works with pub pool table coin mech
  • Use on all 6ft, 7ft and 8ft UK pool tables
  • Only Aramith make Phenolic resin balls and they last far, far longer than the cheaper imports
  • Premier balls do not fade, discolour, crack or chip under normal use
  • Suitable for commercial locations – the wise investment for pubs
  • High quality balls used by leagues and tournaments across the world
  • The Aramith balls are the only one in the world made of pure phenolic resin, making them last up to 5 times longer than other balls made from polyester or other polymers
  • Thanks to their exceptional playing characteristics, the Aramith balls are used in virtually all tournaments worldwide
  • The extra hard vitrified phenolic surface of the Aramith balls drastically reduces wear and burn spots on both balls and cloth, guaranteeing the lowest cost over time