Asia Break Cue – Black Splice + Thick Maple Veneer


  • Tip Size – 9.5mm
  • Weight – 18.2oz
  • Length – 58″

Asia Cues are the crème de la crème of break cues and we offer a complete range of specifications as every pool player is different . They are made by a professional team of experienced Thailand cue makers.

  • Asia cues are all fitted with end joint for use with extensions
  • All cues feature nice straight side grain with forward facing chevrons on the shaft which line up with the chamfer and name plate.
  • High quality natural oil finish to the entire Asia cue range.
  • £10.00 extra when buying a cue with a maple shaft. The difficulty of finding good maple is being felt by all cue makers, time and wastage have caused this extra charge.

Asian woods – Figured Ebony, Chechen, Black Palm, Afzelia, Amboyna, Praduke, Curly satin wood or Rosewood.

If you prefer to have a cue bespoke made to your personal specification and design, we can do this for you.