Baize Master Blue Trim Metal Push On Telescopic Snooker Cue Extension

This high quality telescopic Baize Master push-on extension features a metal shaft with coloured anodised aluminium extension collar. Extends from 72 cm up to 105 cm with the ability to quickly fix in position between those lengths for ultimate playing flexibility.


  • Quick and easy to use – simply slide onto end of cue butt – saves time compared to traditional screw-in extenders!
  • Measures 76cm and extends to 106cm – fix it at any position between these lengths
  • Extension mouth features spring loaded felt fronted plastic for a tight fit on varying cue diameters
  • Grips cue tight and secure
  • Has a sturdy anodised aluminium locking collar joint  – simply tighten to lock extension at required length or loosen to adjust
  • Baize master engraved logo on metal shaft
  • Excellent quality design