Blackball Tables Racker Triangle, Luxury Golf/Cue Towel and a Piece of TAOM V10

A fabulous pool table accessory bundle for the cue sport fan in your life.

Choose from the Pro Racker, or Sprung Back Editions.

These triangles have been developed using the feedback from professional pool players and some of the best referees in the business.

The head of the triangle has a slot straight through to the table so you can place a mark indicating when to stop pushing the triangle forward. Normal procedure would be to use the black spot, over time players drop the triangle back into the pack which causes a divet on the black spot. Using a mark for the triangle instead would prevent this from happening which would protect the table. Another advantage would be that the visible mark would make it easier to notice if an opponent likes to rack high or rack low of the black spot.

Blackball Tables 2022 World Snooker Championships Cue Towel

A luxurious take on a standard cue towel, the Blackball Tables Luxury Cotton Velour Cue Towel is a must have for any keen cue sports player.

Providing players with a reliable, stylish solution to carry with them when competing.

  • Luxury Cotton Velour on one side with towelling on the reverse for versatile use.
  • Modern and Stylish
  • Extreme Durability

Size 50cm x 39cm

TAOM V10 Chalk

TAOM V10 professional chalk is the latest formula from TAOM engineers. This chalk gives an ultimate grip with a super clean experience. V10 is developed with world’s top professional players. Works with all kind of tips, hard to soft. The chalk can be used in any cuesports. The mission was to create even stronger grip but with less residue, and that’s what we did.