Century Pro Cue Tips are the world’s first hand graded custom snooker cue tips. Scientifically tested premium quality, single layer pressed leather cue tip. Made from Grade A+ leather for optimum consistency, playability and feedback on every shot. Discover your perfect cue tip for life with Century Pro Cue Tips.

• Every Tip Scientifically Tested

• Maximum Quality Grade A + Leather

• Unique Treatment Process

• No Compression Required

• Single Layer Pressed Tip

• Graded Into 4 Categories – G1, G2, G3, G4

• Same Graded Tip In Every Box Guaranteed

• Optimum Consistency, Playability & Feedback

• Execute The Full Range Of Shots

• Max Playing In Time – 2 Sessions

• Quality Is Assured

There are 4 grades to choose from within the Century Pro range:

• G1’s
 = Softer Feel

• G2’s = Medium Feel

• G3’s = Medium to Hard Feel

• G4’s = Hard Feel

All tips are 10mm in diameter.