Christmas Offer – Kamui Blue Glove, Large Cue Towel and a Piece of TAOM V10

A fabulous pool table accessory Christmas bundle for the cue sport fan in your life.

Kamui Fingerless Quick Dry Glove

It is always essential to eliminate external factors such as humidity and sweat on your hands to allow your fluid ability on the table.

The KAMUI GLOVE protects you from external factors and allows you the chance to focus even under immense pressure. The KAMUI GLOVE allows you the chance to focus on your game imagining your next shot. Experience the fluidity you are looking for in your game.

Quick drying

Made of quick-drying fabric so that you can have smooth strokes, accurate shooting, and speed regardless of sweaty hands.

Flexible fit

Made of smooth, stretchable fabric so you can have a comfortable fit on your hand, even when playing for a long time.


Anti-slip pad attached to the palm, supports a more stable bridge and allows you more confidence in your game.

Blackball Tables Cue Towel.

A large 100% cotton terry cue towel, branded with our Blackball Tables logo – a must have for all pool and snooker players.

Keep the shaft of your cue clean and dry with this Blackball Tables branded cue towel made from cotton.

32cm x 50cm

TAOM V10 Chalk

TAOM V10 professional chalk is the latest formula from TAOM engineers. This chalk gives an ultimate grip with a super clean experience. V10 is developed with world’s top professional players. Works with all kind of tips, hard to soft. The chalk can be used in any cuesports. The mission was to create even stronger grip but with less residue, and that’s what we did.