Exquisite Green Plate – 4 Splice of Purple Heart with thin Yellow Veneers

Full Specifications

  • Length – 57″ 1/4″
  • Tip Size – 9mm
  • Weight – 18oz
  • Butt Width – 29.7mm
  • One Piece
  • Comes with 6″ Ebony Mini Butt

Exquisite Cues are the finest Snooker Cues in the World and only use the highest grade ash and other exotic woods. The craftsmanship and attention to details that all cues made by Raymond Cohen exhibit are a true testament to why World Snooker Champions and Main Tour professionals only use his cues. Every Exquisite Cue are made to the highest tolerances and precision. The cues are finished to perfection and all ferrule size, weight and length are supplied for players to see when buying his range.

Currently it is impossible to retrieve a new Exquisite with Pool Specifications as head cue manufacturer Raymond Cohen has closed his order book for the foreseeable future due to huge demand from the far east. These cues come as a rarity and you won’t be able to find Exquisite cues with these specifications anywhere in the world brand new.