This delightful gift tin is packed with an assortment of goodies for the pool player, with a £10 saving against individual pricing.


Cue Silk – to polish your shaft and make it glide through your hand like silk

Just add a few drops to a paper towel and buff the shaft

Cue will glide through your hand for the smoothest cuing action ever

Helps improve your game play through better control

Over 30 applications in a bottle

Shaft Slicker

Works on shafts of different thicknesses

Doesn’t mark your cue

Improves your cueing action and gameplay

Internal abrasive pad for removing built up dirt and grease from shaft

Simply rub up and down shaft lightly

Say goodbye to sticky cues!

TAOM Chalk – the chalk used by Professionals

A piece will added of our choice. You may request one but it will depend on our stock.

8 Ball Key Ring

Green Triangle Chalk

Pocket Tip Shaper/Scuffer

All complete in a handy Blackball Tables Gift Tin

Measures 11cm x 8cm x 2.5cm