Hainsworth Elite Pro Cloth in Purple – 7ft

Hainsworth Elite Pro Cloth:

As its name suggests, Hainsworth Elite Pro pool cloth is the top professional choice for super-smooth American pool.

A top quality worsted cloth weave produces long-lasting, high speed play and provides the perfect surface for print personalization and branding. Hainsworth Elite Pro pool cloth is available in a wide range of strong colour fast and fade resistant colours.

Recommended Usage:

Hainsworth Elite Pro cloth is recommended for use on American Pool tables, usually either 7ft, 8ft or 9ft in size. It has no nap which means that it has no “furry” surface, therefore it plays much faster than an English Pool cloth which has nap. Some players also like to use napless cloth on English Pool Tables, but this will play much quicker, so be sure this is what you want before you order.