Peradon Ultra Bright LED Snooker Luminaire

This sleek luminaire is specifically designed for snooker use. The two sections join neatly together to create an ideal sized unit for 10ft or 12ft snooker tables. Each section contains considerably more LED’s than standard LED panels and deliver an extremely bright, crisp, shadow free light over the playing area. The unit is supplied with fixings and adjustable hanging cables, so it can be hung from the ceiling at the ideal height of 115cm above the playing surface. The LED lighting in this unit is integrated and manufactured within the lamp, there is no need to replace bulbs as the actual light cannot be removed and replaced. LED units are longer lasting and more cost effective and energy efficient.

Assembled Unit L x W x D: 298.4cm x 20cm x 3.5cm
Assembled Unit Weight: 9.5kg
Hanging Cable Length: approx. 120cm
Ideal Hanging Height: 115cm above playing surface
Packaged Box Size: 156cm x 27cm x 14 cm
Packaged Weight: 11kg
Watts: 2 x 80watt units
Lumens: 10,400 lm
CCT: 4000K
AC220-240v, 50-60Hz,
White rigid housing with PMMA Frosted cover.
Expected Lifespan 50000hrs

Please Note: This LED snooker luminaire should only be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with local Building Regulations. Please read all these instructions thoroughly before installation.

A pdf of the instructions supplied with these units can be found here.

s5802 led snooker luminaire guide