Pro147 Classic Rosewood 57” Snooker Or Pool Cue Set 2pc Ash Cue with Long Telescopic Extension, Mini Butt And 3 Slot Case – 9.5mm Tip

These traditional style PRO147 ash cues provide a stunning classic look and are excellent value for money. Made from premium ash with an elegant single faced rosewood, sapphire and ebony effect front splicing, this cue is sure to turn heads. The set includes matching long telescopic screw in extension, mini butt and 3 slot hard case to neatly house the whole set.


  • 57 inch 2 piece non-matching Ash snooker/pool cue
  • 3 slot case with dedicated compartments for mini butt, long extension, cue and chalk
  • Ash butt with single faced purple heartwood, ebony and maple front splicing
  • Brass ferrule and joints
  • 9.5mm tip
  • Brass quick release centre joint
  • PRO147 badge inlayed into butt
  • Quick release joint in butt for extension
  • Extension thread in butt of cue for mini butt (sold separately)
  • Cue weights available range from 18oz to 19.5oz