Regal Snooker, English and American Pool ball cleaning machine Spares

Regal Snooker and Pool ball cleaning machine Spares – The ‘REGAL’ 4th Generation, 3 Minute Ball Cleaning Machine!

The 4th generation Regal ball cleaning machine is a well-made, superior quality machine, that is super quick and easy to use. It takes up to 22 snooker balls or 2″ pool balls. Cleaning cycle is approximately 3 mins – spinning ultra fast for 1 min each way.

Using 100% wool rings and a wool base, the cleaning is super-efficient at removing grease and dirt from the balls, bringing them up to a highly polished finish and looking like new. Use with a sanitiser to help kill germs and viruses.

Complete list of available Spares:
  • Regal ball cleaning liquid and polish, 400ml
  • 22 Ball Machine Refurb Kit –  22 x wool cups, 1 x cleaning disk and 1 x 400ml cleaning fluid.
  • Woollen cleaning disc – double sided
  • Synthetic washable cleaning disk – double sided
  • Woollen Snooker Ball Cleaning Cups – 22
  • Woollen American Pool Ball Cleaning Cups – 16
  • Snooker 22 ball plastic lid complete with woollen cups.
  • American 16 ball plastic lid complete with woollen cups.
  • Replacement ON/OFF switch
  • Replacement Safety switch