Replacement Uncovered Cushions For a Blackball Table or Edinburgh Diner – Club or Elite, 6ft or 7ft sets.

A genuine replacement cushion set for Blackball Tables pool and dining pool tables.

Easily change your Blackball Table to a Club or Elite pocket specification.

The cushions are supplied uncovered so your fitter can cover them in your choice of cloth on your next recover.

The cushions are fitted with a sliding T nut so please check your table also has the same fixing if not a Blackball Table.

Cushion sets with cushion rubbers and facings attached.

It’s quicker and easier to replace the cushions than re-rubbering the old set when the rubbers degrade.

The cushion rubber consists of over 80% rubber to ensure a uniform bounce. It is not to be confused with an inferior rubber that was available in the UK many years ago.

If you prefer cushions with the cloth already fitted, contact us for options.

A set of six cushions for a 6ft or 7ft table.