Sam Professional Cue Rack – Best Rack for up to 6 Cues In Black

The moulded plastic frame has 6 base cups to rest cue butts in and the really flexible specially designed rubber clip grabs the cue about 1/3 up from the butt. This means it will hold onto any length cue and any diameter. Even rest shafts and cross rests.

The soft rubber grips are so gentle on the cue we happily store our dearest professional snooker and pool cues and have no fear of denting or scratching.

This cue rack almost feels like it is gently grabbing the cue from your hand as you push the cue into its grasp.

A fantastic item and really durable. Find these in many snooker clubs where they are the preferred cue storage system.

Takes up to 6 cues.

The best and most practical wall rack, to store your cues, on the market.