Strachan 861 & Simonis X-1 Cleaning Tool Bundle

Strachan 861 Powder Blue 7ft bed & cushion set.

Strachan 861 worsted/speed cloth in powder blue.
The official cloth of Blackball International, the governing body for Blackball pool.
This 90% wool, 10% nylon cloth is hard-wearing and provides constant speed in all directions. It is non-directional (no nap) producing a true, fast and consistent playing surface.
Manufactured by Iwan Simonis in Belgium. For over 330 years, this world class cloth manufacturer has been producing the finest cloth and is the chosen supplier for many major pool tournaments seen on TV today.
This is a pre-cut cloth set for covering the bed and cushions on a UK/English style pool table.
Typically, speed cloth is used on American tables, but is becoming increasingly popular on English tables since its use on the IPA tour.

Simonis 861 cloth is very hard-wearing and also Teflon coated making it spill resistant.

Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool

  • A completely innovative accessory with two U.S. Patents.
  • Curved shape reached under the cushions, without risk of damaging the cloth or the rubber
  • Extracts the chalk dust from the cloth and holds it in its revolutionary high-tech structure
  • Cork non-slip handle is designed to keep control during the cleaning
  • Works with static electricity and capillary action