Ton Praram III Limited Pro – Snakewood + Birdeye Veneer

Full Specifications

  • Tip Size – 8.3mm
  • Weight – 17.7oz
  • Length – 58″
  •  Pro Shaft


Limited Edition

Limited’s are the top range with custom made design of nice and rare exotic woods.
Butt design available only unique grain of each exotic wood.
The shafts are specially selected for their straightness, best looking grains and the maple for their flawless beauty and excellent quality. The ebony butt timbers are spliced to the cues by hand and the cues are shaped to produce the distinctive four round point pattern. Shaft specifications are customized to suit individual requirements.
Base joints are fitted as standard which enables a mini butt or telescopic extension to be attached.

Pro Shaft
These are the very best of the Ultimate shafts.
The shafts are dense, strong, with excellent visual grain pattern. They tend to have the required flex / spring to have great playability.
Pro Shaft Ton Praram badges have a little letter P instead of the infinity logo.

Each of our Ton Praram III are fitted professionally with a new ADR Super Soft tip, Blackball Tables tip of choice.